Beauty Review: Balayage

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While it’s true that balayage has been around for many years, the trend is still hitting hard and ladies are still heading into their hairdressers and begging for the look. Celebs like Rachel Bilson, Isabel Lucas, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are all wearing it too!

For those who are wondering what balayage is, it’s really quite simple. Balayage involves dying the ends of your hair lighter than your roots. The lighter part of the hair can begin not far from your roots, around your ears or even near the cheek bones and extends to the ends of your hair.

You can dye your roots as dark as you like and your ends as light as you like to create the contrast the you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a softer look, then minimise the contrast by dying your ends only a couple of shades lighter than your roots.

Balayage is great for ladies who want to update their look but don’t want the hassle of having to run to the hairdresser every four to six weeks to re-do their roots. Instead you can allow your roots to grow as much as you like and simply update your balayage when needed. However if your roots are far from your natural colour, then a quick sprucing up will be needed.

So how is balayage done you ask? Well that’s simple too. Rather than resorting to foil or caps, hairdressers simply apply the dye by hand. This helps give that ‘gradual’ look that makes balayage work so well.

Since I loved this look so much, I decided to head over to my hair dresser Maria at Knotz Hair and try the look out on myself. I opted to go a few shades lighter at the ends so as to create a noticeable contrast that wont shock people when they see me next.

Maria started by dying the roots of my hair chocolate brown, waited for the colour to set and then washed it out. Next she bleached the ends of my hair, starting from around my ears and allowed that to set until it turned a colour I was happy with. To ensure that my hair wouldn’t turn too dry and ratty, she then gave me a quick treatment to help my hair stay healthy and happy.

This was the final product:


Balayage may not be for everyone but for those of you who are liking it more and more by the day, I highly recommend it! I got great compliments and am very happy with the result. It works great on all hair types but looks best on hair that falls below the shoulders.

If you’re planning on trying this out good luck! And if you live in Sydney, Australia and are in search of a hairdresser who can help you get this (or any other) look, go in and see Maria and the girls at Knotz Hair (379 Gardernes Road, Rosebery, NSW. PH: 02 8338 9551).

Final thoughts: A great, easy to do look that will instantly update your look and have compliments rolling in.
TFJ: Recommends for those who fall in the above bracket. Does not recommend for ladies who see this and think “it looks like your roots are growing out”. Cynicism is not the way to go ladies!


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