Beauty Review: Santorini Sun Sunless Tan, Moisturiser and Body Shimmer

So somehow June has come around and we’re covering up and pulling out gloves, scarves and Eskimo coats [and I'm sure if it snowed in Australia we'd be wearing those boots with the tennis racquets stuck to them]. But this doesn’t mean we can’t look like we’ve just returned from a summer holiday in some exotic place! Enter Santorini Sun!

Santorini Sun is a brand that specialises in sunless tanning, but what’s more, it’s founder Paula Theodore is a strong supporter of keeping her products organic and using only natural ingredients.

TFJ had the chance to have a short Q&A with Paula about organic products and how to get the best results from a sunless tan!

TFJ: Do you think it’s important for us to use organic skincare products? Why?
Paula: It is better to use organic and or all natural products on your skin as it absorbs everything we put on it and the dangers in using chemicals on the skin and the long term effects are now evident in many studies. Most of the time nature provides us with the strongest ingredients and exceeds the benefits of chemicals, parabens, synthetics.

TFJ: Why is it better to use organic tanning products rather than a normal ones?
Non organic or non natural self tanners may typically contain artificial colours and dyes that stain the skin to get the colours research has shown these to be harmful to the skin. Natural self tanner will contain naturally derived colours.

TFJ: How can we keep a long lasting tan when using the Santorini tanning products?
Paula: To ensure a long lasting tan with Santorini Sun be sure that you exfoliate before application and allow at least 3 hours before showering. Using the Everyday Gradual Tan moisturiser will ensure that you maintain a natural colour and healthy glow.

TFJ: Will they make us orange?
Paula: Orange is a no no Santorini! None of the products will make you Orange, we spend countless hours reviewing formulas so that colours are perfectly natural.

TFJ: What order should we use the products in?
Paula: The best order to use the products in is: 1. Exfoliate ( Santorini Tan- off mitt) 2. Apply tanning cream or lotion 3. Maintain with Everyday Gradual Tan Moisturiser, or for special night out apply Island Goddess Body Shimmer. My daily routine also includes the Sunless Tanning Face Cream with Olive Squalane oil. (All of these products are available at

TFJ: Is there anything we absolutely must do to our skin prior to applying the tanning moisturiser and cream?
Paula: A must before applying any tanning product is to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, as sunless tanning products tend to attach to the dead skin cells and can cause build up or uneven tan.


Santorini Sun Sunless Tanning Lotion:
RRP: $29.95 (250ml). Available at

The best thing I noticed about this product is its ease of use. All I had to do was spray it on the area I wanted to tan [in this case, my arms] and spread it all over! Within minutes you’re already looking darker and the fact that you can easily just rub it in means there is minimal streaking and you can get a nice, even tan!


Here’s a comparison of my fancy arms with and without the tan.

The arm on the right is the tanned one.
This was taken right after I applied it and got darker as the evening wore on.

The more you apply, the darker you’ll get. Also be aware that you’ll automatically look brown once you apply it, but like most ‘sunless’ tans, it does get darker as the minutes tick by.

Another great thing about the sunless tan is that it doesn’t smell as much as other fake tans do. In fact you can barely smell it at all!

Four showers later and I’m still lookin’ pretty good!

Now as with any sunless tan, you should be careful when applying. Make sure to spray and rub the tan in evenly and avoid the mistake I made of missing places and ending up with patchy, darker spots. Also make sure to wash your hands immediatley after applying so as not to stain them. HOWEVER! And I stress this as I was silly and foolishly washed my hands after applying tan to the back of them, be careful not to wash it off and end up with white fingers! [See photo below.]

To avoid this I suggest applying tan to one hand, washing the hand you applied it with and then letting hands dry before applying on the other hand.

The tan only takes minutes to dry so you wont have to wait too long!

And for those of you who are a lover of all things organic, you will be pleased [perhaps ecstatic?] to know that Santorini Sun is in fact made from organic products!

Final thoughts: Fast drying, fast applying, very little smell, long lasting and organic! An easy, quick product to use when you feel like throwing on tan and heading out for some fun!
TFJ: Recommends and urges other users to ensure they rub it in properly before attending celebrations where arms may be exposed!

Santorini Sun Hydrating Body Lotion and Body Shimmer Cream:
Body Lotion RRP: $21.60 (250ml)
Shimmer Cream RRP: $23.95 (250ml) Both available at


Of course, like with every tanning product, it’s always good to moisturise and make the best of it! Santorini Sun’s body lotion smells so yummy ['sweet orange' is what it calls itself] and actually makes my mouth water. It does a great job of softening skin but be careful how much you squirt out of the bottle as it spreads easily and I myself ended up looking like I had just applied too much sunscreen. Also you have to squeeze the bottle pretty hard to get the cream out, which is probably why I ended up with so much!




The shimmer, I actually fell in love with. It’s aptly named ‘Island Goddess’ and it makes your skin sparkle so subtly that it is hard to look away. However it is also hard to wash off and two showers later I am still sparkling here and there. It looks great over the tan but just as great without it and I would seriously consider wearing it every day, just because it is such a subtle shimmer that it is not overpowering and you don’t look like you just rolled around in a glitter bath. It also has a nice aroma that once again had my mouth watering a little.




Final thoughts: Yummy smells and soft skin can’t go wrong!
Recommends both products, although has a super soft spot for the shimmer [if you haven't noticed]. However if you’re not much of an orange smeller then perhaps opt for a different moisturiser.


These products were offered to TFJ by the brand/PR agency.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Santorini Sun Sunless Tan, Moisturiser and Body Shimmer

  1. I have never heard of this self-tanning lotion before so thanks for introducing it to me. It looks like it gave you a nice even colour which is what I’m looking for in a self-tanning lotion. I also like that it dries quickly, I hate waiting around for fake tan to dry.

    • Hi Grace,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! It really is a great product. Make sure to look out for our other tanning reviews as it nears Australian summer!

      Thanks for reading!

      Mel. x

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