Pantene wants women to stop saying sorry

Beauty brands are setting out to  empower women and help them see just how amazing they can be.

First Dove launched their “Real Beauty” campaign with the aim to help women discover the beauty others see in them and now Pantene have launched their “Shine Strong” campaign to help women put a stop to over-apologising.

The aim of the campaign is to create thought-provoking conversations among women as to whether they themselves are guilty of over-apologising. Continue reading

Art in Surry Hills – Tanya Linney

We Go Everywhere 2014_111x122cm_pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil, enamel and collageSydney artist Tanya Linney has been lying low for the past two years, but on Friday July 4 she’ll be unveiling her latest collection.

Titled Tales of Tempt, the collection is ‘an implied visual narrative that explores the struggle between what is our true identity and the seductive layers of consumerism that we use to escape our lives and ourselves’ and also features a touch of humour. Continue reading

Prefall ’14 campaigns – Gucci Bright Diamante

guccibrightdiamanteThe other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that Harper’s Bazaar Australia had posted Gucci‘s new prefall ’14 campaign. The array of colours that were bursting from the screen completely mesmerized me and having only seen a snippet of it left me wanting more, but perhaps there’s a couple of things you should know about me so you can fully understand my attraction to this campaign.

Firstly I am a handbag (and shoe) addict and secondly I love anything with a pop of colour (especially because I find myself wearing a lot of black to work and I hate it) so I decided I HAD to check out the campaign and share it with my friends (you guys)! Continue reading

Travel diary: Hearst Castle

An amazing place I got to see on my US trip last year was Hearst Castle and finally I am putting up a few snaps! On our way from LA to San Fransisco we decided to stop by and check it out and it was an interesting piece of history. It was set high above on a hill and it was a huge mansion with pools and gardens and all sorts of ridiculous things. It was built by William Randolph Hearst and while I wont go into the history of it all (you can find that here) I will say that the house features an amazing collection or art works and furniture from all around the world that is so mismatched it’s hilarious. We were also told that back in the day (early-mid 1900s) Hearst used to invite celebrities and other notable personalities for exclusive parties and weekends away. Here are a few snaps, it was a little foggy but I’m sure you’ll get the gist. IMG_2746 Continue reading

The perfect winter coat

Sydney has officially frozen over (in my opinion) and while any US residents or Europeans would laugh hysterically at my crying over a 17 degree day, it can’t be helped and I must do something to combat the cold.

I’m on the hunt for a new winter coat, despite the fact that I am currently in possession of fantastic grey, mid-length one that I purchased from Sportsgirl about 5 years ago, it’s definitely time for me to look into buying a new one.

Now I myself know exactly what style of coat I am after – specifically a military or pea-coat style – but if you’re in the same situation as me and have no idea what you’re looking for, here are a few styles from here and there you might be interested in.

The Trench Coat:
They’re not the thickest coat around but they can be pretty warm and offer great protection from the rain. asos noisy may trench coat

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My MAC makeup essentials

I have a daily routine that consists of many products, but these are the three MAC products I can’t live without. My day-to-day look is pretty simple (I will post a video up of it soon) and these products make it easy to pull off!

woodwinkedcream   Woodwinked Cream Eyeshadow: RRP: $33.00AU

I started using this eye shadow about three years ago and I love it. Continue reading

Washington DC photo diary

IMG_2256In June of last year I made a trip to Washington DC during my USA holiday.

It was one of my favourite places in the US (out of all the places that I went). It was so clean, green and quiet – just lovely!!

It took me a while but here is a photo diary from the day I spent there. Continue reading

The Great Gatsby costume guide

the-great-gatsby-image03 At the end of last year I attended a Great Gatsby themed bash with a few friends. In the lead up to the event I had to put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear, my hairstyle and my accessories. If you have a party just like this coming up then no doubt you’re going through this exact same process. To help you out I’ve put together a list of items and ideas you may want to take into consideration, plus what I wore myself! Continue reading

Wogboys Live at Enmore Theatre review

Have I ever mentioned that I am ‘classified’ as a “Greek Australian”? Well if I haven’t then you now know, so naturally a stage show titled “Wogboys Live” starring Nick Giannopoulos would peak my interest.

Having grown up watching Acropolis Now and the Wogboy movies, the stage show was something I was happy to check out. Starring Vince Colosimo, Alex Dimitriades, Frank Lotito and Hollie Andrew by Giannopoulos’s side, it was sure to be a riot.

On Saturday night the Enrmore Theatre was filled to capacity with Greeks, Italians and Australians barking with laughter through much of the show.

The stand out scenes by far were Giannopoulos’s stand up segments. He had the theatre in fits of laughter after each sentence and made a connection on every level. His opener had the crowd cheering as he dressed up as “Petroula”, an old Greek lady trafficking drugs, asked where the Greeks and Italians were and questioned what the Australian audience members were doing there and if they were lost.

Between Giannopoulos’s skits came the actual stage show, which featured the remaining cast members. Vince Colosimo was hilarious reprising his role as Frank and Alex Dimitriades stepped into the shoes of Chris, Petroula’s son who had lost over $40,000 on the pokies and was now indebted to a gangster; his jokes subtle but laugh-worthy. Frank Lotito as the ever annoying Dominic, a 40-year-old Italian man still living with his mother, played his character so well that he was frustrating just to watch. Hollie Andrew played out a substantial undercover police officer while courting Giannopoulos’s character Steve, Chris’s cousin who instigated a cocaine selling venture to help payback the lost cash.
wogboys Continue reading

Salamander Bay and its surrounds

So this week passed I was lucky enough to go on a short holiday with my sister and her little family. We headed up the NSW coast, about 3 hours drive out of Sydney to Salamander Bay (Port Stephens) and stayed at the Oaks Pacific Blue resort which was AH-MAH-ZING.

The drive was pretty chillaxed, it mostly consisted of me sleeping in the back seat with drool leaking down my face and Greek pop tunes blaring out the speakers. We stopped off at Heatherbrae’s for pies and chocolate milk which left me feeling so, so, so ill. Blerg. But the pie was pretty delish! (Steak and mushroom).
We jumped back into the car and drove for about another hour before pulling into the resort (we also stopped for some grocery shopping and those noodle things you use in the pool). The apartment was small but quite perfect and what was even better was that once we stepped off our balcony we were met with waist deep water. WOOT!

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